The Potato Diet – Day 1

So day 1 of the potato diet. So far so good and there has been no real issue. I love a potato anyway! Fingers crossed I still do at the end of 2 weeks 😐

I pretty much do intermittent fasting and have been for many years. I just find it easier to eat later in the day and not wake up and eat. I’m hoping I can keep the intermittent fasting going while doing the potato diet – We shall see.

Why I’m Doing The Potato Diet

As with any diet we do it because we want to lose weight and this is the main reason for trying this. Reading what Penn Jillette and Kevin Smith have done and the weight they lost, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that this is a fad diet and is only to be used for a short time and I’m pretty sure most of the weight will come back once I’ve stopped. I’m hoping not all of it though!

Something I liked that Penn and Kevin have said when they did this diet, is that their taste for food had also changed or rest. I’ve got a massive sweet tooth and find it really hard not to eat anything that isn’t sweet, so if the only thing that comes out of this is my sweet tooth disappearing I’d be happy.

I also make a lot of bad food choices and snack far to much, so at the end of the 2 weeks, I plan to eat a more plant-based diet. I’m not going to give up meat, but I do want to move away from surgery foods, processed foods and get some more fruit and vegetables in my system.

Starting Weight

It’s day 1 of the potato diet and I’m currently sitting at 137.7KG (303.62lbs).
My long term goal weight is to get down to 115KG (253.58lbs) and I will see how things go from there. I know over the next 2 weeks I’m not going to reach my goal weight, I’m not crazy and I know that my goal weight is a way off and will take a lot of hard work.

We shall see where the next 2 weeks takes me!

Potato, Potato, Potato, Potato

So today has been pretty easy, I’ve been able to keep my fasting going and then had my first meal mid-day. No hunger pains or cravings for other foods. I mean first days are always easy so I didn’t expect much of an issue.

I’ve had 3 boiled potatoes for each meal and was eating mid-day, evenings and then again later at night. That’s my normal eating pattern and I’m hoping I can stick to it 🙂

I eat around the below times, never strict and dead on time but my eating pattern is split out like this:

  • 12 Noon – Potatoes
  • 5PM-6PM – Potatoes
  • 8PM-9PM – Potatoes

Meal prep was easy, I’ve boiled a number of potatoes to last me a few days. I then keep these in the fridge and microwave as and when needed. I’m using some ketchup and black pepper over the 2 weeks, not with every meal but when I feel the need to mix things up a little. I’m also continuing to take a multivitamin while on this diet.

The Bottom Line

Day 1 has been OK and no real issue with just eating potatoes for every meal. It’s only the start so we shall see how things go over the coming days.

Starting weight: 137.7KG (303.62lbs)

I’ll be doing an update on day 4 as Saturday’s are my normal weigh-in days. It will also be nice to see if there is any progress! Normally I wouldn’t weigh myself this often, but as this is only a 2-week thing I’ll updating every 3-4 days.

Let me know if you are trying the potato diet and how you are finding it so far!

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