The Potato Diet – Day 4

I’ve made it to day 4 of the potato diet! While I’ve not found it difficult, today is a Saturday and pizza night 😐 I’m not looking forward to that!

Lack Of Energy And Poor Sleep?

Nope! So my energy levels have been the same, I’d to say that I have more energy but I’m putting that down to a placebo effect. I’m also not doing any exercises so this would also explain why I feel like I have more energy. I feel like I could go for a workout though, so no real drop in my day to day energy levels.

Sleeping has also been fine. I do find that I’m falling asleep a lot faster, but again a placebo effect? As I know I’m doing something different.

Noticeable Differences

For me the biggest difference is I’m no longer feeling bloated, I’m also not feeling hungry! Which is surprising – More on that in a bit.

I drink a lot of water anyway (you should be too!) but I have found that I’ve upped my water intake a little over the past few days. This does help with feeling hungry, but I’ve found that once I’ve had a glass of water I’m feeling fine again. So I’m not as hungry as I thought I was! As I’d feel a little hungry and then go a grab a snack – I’m no longer doing this.

Splitting up eating into every 3-4 hours has also helped. If I go much longer I do start to feel hungry again… Intermittent fasting while doing the potato diet hasn’t been easy, but not impossible. I’m so far still sticking to my fasting schedule and may do a post about this once I’ve completed my 2 weeks of the potato diet.

Food Thoughts

I’ve learnt that making a good batch of boiled potatoes is the way to go. I’ve been making a day and a bit worth of potatoes so that they are ready to as and when I need. I did this from day 3 as waiting for potatoes to boil why your hungry and knowing there is other food in the house really plays on your mind!

I’ve been keeping to the boiled potatoes, put them in the microwave and then cut them up to eat. I’ve also been using a little bit of ketchup and black pepper, but I’ve been adding less and less as the days go on.

As I mentioned before, day 4 is a Saturday and that means pizza night! I didn’t brake and to the humour of my friends, I sat and ate my potatoes while they all had pizza. I do have to say that the pizza did smell amazing! I’ve kept away from all other foods the past 4 days and the smell of the pizza hmmm 🙂 If at the end of these 2 weeks the only thing I take away is a ‘rest’ of my taste bubs I’ll be a happy man.


Now this surprised me, I know from reading and seeing the weight loss numbers from others I really didn’t expect much. I’ve seen the episode of How to Lose Weight Well where the covered the potato diet and they did lose a good amount in a short time.

Anyway! I weighed in at 135.8KG (299.43lbs). I’m putting this drop-down from day 1 to water weight, and from seeing what others have lost doing this diet the first few days they’ve also seen a big drop in weight.

1.9KG (4.188lbs) loss in 4 days.

We shall see if this continues over the coming days/week but I’m sceptical it will be at the same rate.

The Bottom Line

So at the end of day 4, I’m feeling fine and currently no hunger issues. And a drop in 1.9KG (4.188lbs)!

Do I think this weight loss will continue? No. I think that due to the low amount of off and the increase in water that I’ve been drinking has played a part in this drop. No sugar and little food, I think this drop is just my system flushing everything out.

I’ll see how things go over the next few days and do another check-in of my weight and how I’m finding things.

If you’re on the potato diet, let us know in the comments below how you’re getting on and if you have any tips you want to share!

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